My Writings

The Journey

Young, surrounded by anger and violence trying not to stand out. Talented with an imagination that gives her hope which keeps her striving to be free. Believing there has to be more to her life than just blending in so not to cause friction. Quietly growing, and doing her own thing, enjoying a touch of freedom until the street lights come on and then once again the darkness surrounds her.

The light reappears and brings a new day. Anxious, hoping for calm to sooth the pain. Focusing hard to stand tall, maybe to be noticed from the nest. Sketching her world, filling it with new life. As the day unfolds and the darkness tries to consume, her pencils become swords of lightning knocking the darkness away. Drawing the action of her surroundings and making sure to conquer all. Strengths soar, confidence grows as the light lingers longer.

Immersed in tranquil waters, feeling the warmth and love. As the darkness washes away, peace and happiness settle in. Freedom, the dawn of a new day.

The pounding of her heart brings excitement and hope. New drawings coming to life, bright colors overriding the dark, she knows she’s alive. Hearts grab a tight hold never letting go, they melt together, becoming one. Life is good and hope is infinite.

A little place in the woods gave her the family she craved. Encouragement and understanding helped to pave the way. Strides taken to learn and grow, a leader she became.



Passion ignited, fire burning deep. A world to embrace, leaving a mark with a meaning of strength. Change for the better touching a soul, filling the lost with illuminating courage so to climb from the depths and find their own, paying it forward to revitalize on.


What Can I Do?

Needs all around us, the world can seem bleak. What can I do comes across your mind, as you feel overwhelmed before you ever start. Change needs to happen but I’m just one person, looking out upon the land thinking I can’t change all of this. One person began to walk for a dying friend, a relay had begun. One little kid started a roadside stand which grew nationwide, to help find a cure. Individuals put their life on the line for the ultimate service for so many, which has given each of us freedom to live and ask, What Can I Do? Step forward, never looking back, make the move to change the world, one person at a time.



Strengths and weaknesses a true leader can see, working to bring out the best in thee.

Happy to get their hands dirty to show how it’s done, hand in hand so the project is number one.

A lead role is given but seldom earned, leadership is nurtured from within, to listen and learn.

A great leader shows the team and all its strengths while helping work through the bumps in the road together behind the scenes.

Fearless and selfless thinking only of the whole, a great leader you will be.


Stand Your Ground

Destruction surrounds you, trying to devour, the fight is hard which you must endure. The battle seems endless without triumph. Keeping your feet fixed never moving backward. Head high standing your ground. Combating through all of the torment, mental and physical, this fight must be fought. The courage and strength it takes to do battle with this mammoth foe, helps to build you into a powerful force that will aid you to do great works down the road. Aggressors are everywhere and test your reserve, they are nothing but self-loathing individuals that can be transformed. Battling them not to destroy, maybe a light will go on. Your battle wounds, wear them proud, knowing nothing can keep you down. Go forward with your head held high, striving for the sky.