About me

I moved to Northern Michigan after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was unable to continue my career as a chef due to the R.A. and began to think of what I could do next. Always intrigued by technology and how it works, I got the nerve up to go to Kirtland Community College to ask a few questions on the subject. As I spoke with one of the computer instructors and advisor I began to find out how much I had in common with this instructor. Both of us serving in the United States Army and both energetic about computers, networking, and programming, we realized we had been talking for most of the morning and by the end of the conversation, I was enrolled full time at Kirtland in the computer science program. The first semester was difficult to adjust to because I had been out of any kind of class for thirty years then school became second nature as I began to soar. I became involved with the Student Senate, Veterans helping Veterans and the Phi Theta Kappa Honors society, energetic to get started with helping others. While completing many degrees, in both computers and art, and will be finishing up my Internet and Web Page Development Associate degree at Kirtland while also about to finish up three bachelor degrees in the fields of Interactive Media design, Social Media design and Web Design at Franklin University.

This has been my journey

My credentials are in computer science with programming languages and website development along with graphic design and fine arts. I feel that my art background gives me an advantage in understanding what my client’s visions are and how to go about creating the graphics and websites that fit their needs.

Do you need to Brand your business or organization? I do that. Want a letterhead created for your correspondence in the business world? I do that. Need a graphic created for a fundraiser or a logo to show the world who your business is? I do that too. All of this plus responsive website designs that will make your business or organization stand out from the rest.